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Table tennis is a fast game where each second counts, and the table tennis racket is the basic tool for a player to win with. A good racket can make all the difference during a rally. However, all these reasons make it important to buy a high-quality racket. You may find many table tennis rackets near your home in your local sports shop at an affordable range, but don’t buy them. As you don’t know from how long they have been packed in the packet. That is why buying table tennis rackets should always be bought from famous and trusted brands.

On Sports Den, we have a wide variety of table tennis rackets from Pakistan’s No. 1 and trusted brands, Sanwei and Joola. All their table tennis rackets are designed to offer an enjoyable as well as comfortable playing experience. The rackets’ Control System technology has cross millings that effectively eliminate vibration, which offers genuine ball responses. An ITTF-approved Joola and Sanwei rackets are ideal for beginner to intermediate-level recreational and professional players.

How to buy the right table tennis racket?

As you know table tennis racket is vital equipment for a Table tennis game, that is why its quality matter very much. Generally, they are made from laminated wood, with rubber on both sides or one, depending on the player’s grip.

Well, table tennis can be very costly, so you should avoid buying the wrong racket. Knowing about them before choosing the right racket for you can keep you safe from buying the wrong one. That is why we have general guidelines about how to buy a table tennis racket and some recommendations.

So, let’s have a look at them one by one;

Size of a table tennis racket:

Well, the official rule of table tennis allows you to use a racket of any size, shape, or weight. However, its blade must be flat and right and should be made of at least 85% of natural wood. You probably have seen many rackets ranging between 15 cm (6 inches) and 25 cm (10 inches), including the handle.

Types of table tennis rackets:

Generally, you will find two basic choices when you are about to buy a table tennis racket;

  • Customized rackets
  • Ready-made rackets

Customized rackets 

You can buy the parts of rackets and can customize them as you want. Well, these types of rackets are suitable for those players who;

  • Have at least one year experience of playing table tennis
  • Wants to play table tennis on a regular basis in order to improve their skills
  • Wants to play competitively

However, buying a customized table tennis racket requires a lot of experience. Still, if you decide to buy customized table tennis rackets, it is recommended to always buy from a specialist table tennis brand such as Joola and Sanwei.

Ready-made or pre-assembled rackets:

Well, many of the rackets in the market are ready-made; these types of rackets are suitable for players;

  • Who are new to table tennis game and have just started playing it
  • Plays this game occasionally
  • Or, who plays table tennis just for recreational purposes

You may find ready-made rackets in your local sports shop, but font every mistake in buying them. The major problem with buying such rackets is how long it has been in the packet; because the table tennis racket’s rubber deteriorates with the passage of time, even if they have been kept in the sealed packet.

That is why the right and famous brand is necessary to buy a table tennis racket, and you cannot find any best brand other than Joola and Sanwei in Pakistan.

You will also find two categories of table tennis rackets based on the nature of the game;

  • Offensive rackets
  • Defensive rackets

Offensive rackets:

They come with increased spin and accurate hitting. They allow for increased grip on the TT ball. These rackets are suitable if you want to make stronger offensive shots to win rallies. There are two further types of offensive table tennis rackets; inverted table tennis rackets and pip out.

  • Inverted table tennis rackets: They have a layer of rubber that has rows of small pips. The pip face is made in an inward direction that creates a flat surface, which helps to increase the amount of control on the TT ball.
  • Pips out table tennis rackets: These types of rackets have the pips pointing outward, which gives the racket a rough texture. A pips-out table tennis racket hits the ball harder but provides less spin on the ball.

Defensive rackets:

Defensive rackets don’t place the spin on the ball. Instead, they reverse the spin that is put on the ball by your opponent.

There are two further categories of defensive table tennis rackets;

  • Antispin
  • Long pips.

Antispin table tennis rackets; have a soft surface made of a soft sponge. However, it is difficult to create a spin on the ball using Antispin table tennis rackets.

Long pips table tennis rackets; have longer, thinner pips as compared to standard pips-out rackets. The texture of the racket changes every time when you hit the ball with a long pips racket; it will lead to unexpected shots for your opponent.

What do we offer? 

Sports Den has been doing its job greatly for many years of providing you with valuable, high-quality sports products. Now, to buy a table tennis racket online, you are again welcome! We have high-quality, durable, and affordable table tennis rackets from Pakistan’s most demanding brands, Sanwei and Joola. Their rackets’ quality craftsmanship, high performance, stylish design, and great durability make them more demanding among players.

Sanwei and Joola: top-rating brands in Pakistan to buy a table tennis racket: 

Sanwei and Joola both have won the trust of their customers by providing them with durable and high-quality products. Their rackets provide you with amazing grip, as well as they are lightweight.

Sanwei and Joola’s rackets are designed to provide you with good spin, speed, and control for competitive play. Their rackets are perfect for all levels of play. They have rubber of different colours on each side. The rubber and sponge layer provides a springy feel and tackiness for spins to help you smash your opponent.

Their high-quality rackets are made in a traditional shake-hand style with a flared grip, which is wider at the bottom. This provides superior grip and comfort. Moreover, a full case is also included to protect your rackets from harmful elements.

All their table tennis rackets are authorized by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), so you can use them to play an authorized table tennis event. You can check that all the Sanwei and Joola table tennis rubbers have the ITTF logo – which signifies that they have been approved by International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

So place your order now to get the best rackets in Pakistan!


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