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Table tennis rubbers work as the covers of rackets and keep them safe from the opponent’s counterattack strokes. That is why choosing the right and high-quality rubbers is essential. You may find hundreds of different brands claiming to provide high-quality table tennis rubbers.

However, only some brands can fulfill the requirements of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). However, this need makes it necessary to buy table tennis rubbers from trusted and top-rated brands essential.

On Sports Den, we have table tennis rubbers of Sanwei and Joola – both brands have built their trust in past years, plus, they are high-demand brands in Pakistan. They are the proud sponsor of the biggest tournaments all around the world, including World Championships, the Olympics, and the U.S. Open.

Sanwei and Joola have designed all their sports products to withstand advanced competition; their high-quality table tennis rubbers are ideal for hitting the game-winner past your opponent as a professional player or in the family game room.

Choosing the right table tennis rubbers:

As you have come to know that buying the right and authorized table tennis rubber is necessary; because it can help you to win the game easily. But you can only buy the right table tennis rubbers when you have enough knowledge about them. So before buying them, here we have a few important things that you must acknowledge before buying them.

Table tennis color rule:

According to the table tennis rule, one side of the racket must be red while the other side must be black. Well, this rule was introduced when people started using different combinations of rackets. Some people used the same color of rubber on both sides of their racket, but the rubber was different on both sides. When they twiddle their racket during the rally, it creates confusion for the opponents. Because they need to know which side of rubber they use for each stroke.

Well, due to these reasons, a rule was set in 1986 that the rubber must be red and black so that opponent would know which side of the racket has been used.

Well, in 2021, this rule was again updated, and now it is allowed to use a bright color, but that must be distinguished from black and the ball’s color.

The permit bright colors include; purple, green, blue, and pink.

So if you are making a plan to buy table tennis rubbers of authorized color, check out our Sanwei and Joola collection at Sorts Den.

Types of Table Tennis Rubbers

Presently, table tennis rubbers are available in a wide variety of types, which is why knowing about them in detail before buying them is necessary.

Let’s look at their type one by one;

Smooth rubbers:

Smooth rubbers further have three sub-categories; tacky rubbers, non-tacky rubbers, and frictionless rubbers.

Tacky rubbers: these types of rubbers help players to spin easily, but they are less powerful than non-tacky rubbers. But if the player has enough experience to add his own power to the ball, then this can work great.

Non-tacky rubber: Compared to tacky rubbers, they can create more bounce because when the ball comes into contact with them, it immediately bounces off. However, players should have enough experience to generate spin themselves instead of relying on the rubber.

Frictionless rubbers: these rubbers help mitigate the spin of the opponent’s ball. Buy table tennis rubbers with good anti-spin quality, as they will make it easy for a player to block a ball with a spin. Frictionless rubbers are also good for reducing the spin of the ball.

Rubber hardness: 

The hardness of the table tennis rubber ball is necessary because it also affects the spin and explosiveness of the ball. However, you can determine the hardness of the rubber by the type of sponge on your blade. Well, you will find three types; hard, medium, and soft.

The harder rubber will help you generate more spin, but you will also need more power to generate high spin. However, softer rubbers will generate spin easily with less power, but their spin will be little.

Rubber thickness:

Table tennis rubbers are also available in different thicknesses. If the rubber is thicker, it will be more offensive or attacking.

Like if you are an offensive or attacking style of player, look at our 2.00 mm or 2.5 mm sponge. However, if you are new to the game, try a 1.5 mm sponge; it will give you more control. Well, a 1.0 mm sponge will be slower and suitable for the defensive style of the player.

Pimpled rubbers:

Pimpled rubbers have small raised bumps, also called pips, on their surface, which affect how the ball behaves when it is hit. These small raised-on table tennis balls are important as they affect how much control you have over the ball. However, knowing the length of these small pips is also important when you are about to buy table tennis rubbers;

Short pips: table tennis rubber with short pips act like a smooth rubber. However, they are less sensitive to spin.

Medium pips: their function lies somewhere between short pips and long pips.

Long pips: table tennis rubbers with long pips reverse the amount of spin on the ball delivered by the opponent.

Buy the table tennis rubber that suits your playing style: 

Well, it is a very important thing to consider your playing style when you are about to buy table tennis rubbers – for both forehand and backhand. However, if you are an offensive player, then consider buying the rubber that would complement your speed and power.

But if you are a defensive player, then it is good to choose a rubber that would provide you with more control over the ball. Well, one thing you should remember is that; having powerful rubbers and rackets won’t guarantee that you will start winning more games. The key is to find the rubber that would suit your playing style.

What do we offer?

In the sports den, you will find a wide variety of table tennis rubbers with different playing styles, so you can choose the one that suits your style and requirements. All these rubbers are made by the world’s famous brands, Sanwei and Joola.

Sanwei and Joola: Top-rated brand in Pakistan to buy table tennis rubbers:

Sanwei and Joola are top-trending brands in Pakistan with a long history of outstanding products. Their reputation for quality spans the globe, and they are becoming one of the most demanding table tennis brands in the U.S.A.

Sanwei and Joola are two trusted names all over Pakistan to buy table tennis rubbers. Their rubbers are incredibly versatile. Depending on sponge hardness, they can be used for any playing style. Not only are they incredibly flexible, but they are also absolutely reliable and very durable. Very grippy, has outstanding spin elasticity, and is fast while retaining good control.

All their table tennis rubbers are authorized by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), so you can use them to play an authorized table tennis event. You can check that all the Sanwei and Joola table tennis rubbers have the ITTF logo – which signifies that they have been approved by International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

You can shop for table tennis rubber from Sports Den at low prices. With low prices, we don’t fault you for always shopping for rubber online.

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