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Choose the right brand to buy badminton shoes so you can make your game easy to win!

As the general saying goes, “a good tool makes you feel more confident and comfortable in a game.” The same goes with the case of badminton shoes, as the right one can add to your skills. That is why it is important to buy badminton shoes from the right brand to play the game. It will keep you away from injuries and keep you focused on the game.

On our website, you can get a wide range of Kumpoo-manufactured shoes. Kumpoo is a top-rated brand in Pakistan that made their shoes in such a way that complements the badminton play style — durability, flexibility, and traction. Here, you can get badminton shoes of different sizes, styles, and colors in a very affordable range.

Guideline to buy badminton shoes:

Well, if you have just started playing badminton and you are not familiar with what to look for when you are about to buy badminton shoes online, this guide will help you out. Here are a few recommendations that you need to go through while choosing the right badminton shoes for yourself.

Professionals’ recommendations:

According to professional badminton players, your shoes are as important as your racket. They can influence your overall performance in the game. Some of the suggestions given by professionals while buying badminton shoes are the followings;

  • The shoes should have non-marking soles, meaning they should not leave marks on the surface. It is necessary when you are playing on a wooden or synthetic court
  • Also, consider the weight of your badminton shoes. They shouldn’t be too heavy as they will make you tired quickly.
  • The size of your shoes is very important, so be careful that the shoes that you buy must be properly fitted to your feet.
  • Look for breathable shoes so that your shoes have a place for passing air.
  • The shoes that have mid-cut collars are more suitable because they will cover your ankle and will keep your ankle safe especially when you are performing lateral movement
  • The level of play should also be considered, like, if you are a professional player, then you should buy good pair of shoes, no matter if they cost high.

How can Sports Den help you? 

Shopping online has become the choice of many people, but if you live in Pakistan, you might think twice before ordering any product online. However, if you have any previous bad experiences regarding shopping online, then congratulations! Now you are in the right place. We deliver what you see!

On Sports Den, we offer badminton shoes from the highly demanded brand, Kumpoo. Kumpoo is a top-rated brand in Pakistan that makes premium quality badminton shoes. Their shoes are durable, highly affordable, and comfortable to wear.

Kumpoo; Top-rated brand in Pakistan to buy badminton shoes online

Kumpoo is the favorite brand all over Pakistan as it makes all its sports products with high-quality materials. It manufactures a wide range of badminton shoes in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

Below are some of the amazing features of Kumpoo shoes;

Non-marking Sole:

The sole is an especially important component, as it plays a key role in the shoe’s comfort and wearability. Kumpoo badminton shoes have non-marking soles, meaning they are made up of gum. Their non-marking sole offers you proper gripping and movement in the court.


Since badminton requires jumping and landing so, having proper cushioning in your shoes is crucial. Keeping this fact in mind, the Kumpoo brand manufactures its badminton shoes with proper cushioning, which helps you safely land your feet during jumps. Plus, their innovative design also reduces pressure on your knees while landing.

The cushioning of their shoes is softer, thinner, and expanded, which allows you to move your feet while playing easily.

Size and fitting:

Every person’s feet size and fitting are different, and Kumpoo understands this! All of their shoes are designed in such a way that gives you a very comfortable fitting. A well-fitted shoe also helps improve the players’ performance and reduces the risk of ankle injuries. However, you will find a wide variety of Kumpoo shoes on our website, so you can easily choose the size that fits you properly.

Nowadays, Kumpoo is also manufacturing ergo-shaped shoes, which offer maximum stability and flexibility to the players.


You will find two types of flexibilities in Kumpoo shoes; twisting flexibility, and vertical flexibility

  • Vertical flexibility: 

This flexibility allows your shoe to bend from the toe box. It is important as badminton involves a lot of bending of the toes. However, if your shoe will not have vertical flexibility, then the pasting of your shoe will come off.

  • Twisting flexibility:

Lateral movement is crucial in this sport, which is why to ensure perfect lateral movement, Kumpoo has manufactured the midsole of their shoes with twisting flexibility.

Light Weight:

Many people think the weight of the shoe does not affect their performance, well this is not true! Badminton is a fast-paced sport that requires quick movement, and when you wear too heavy shoes, you get tired easily.

However, Kumpoo shoes are not heavyweight and give you very comfortable and easy to wear. No matter if you wear them for hours, your feet will not get tired.

Breathable shoes:

Badminton is a physical sport, and if you live in such areas where the temperature reaches 45 degrees Celcius, just like in Pakistan, then it is necessary to buy shoes that allow air to pass through the material.

The good point is that Kumpoo shoes have small pores in them from where the air can pass through, meaning they are breathable. Their shoes also do not get smelly, just like other shoes.

What benefits do Kumpoo shoes offer?

Badminton is one of the fastest games out there; keeping that in mind, Kumpoo has made shoes that can offer you the following advantages.

  • All the Kumpoo’s Badminton shoes have a non-marking sole which provides you a better grip on the court and it becomes necessary as your speed of movement increase on the court
  • Their shoes are made in such a way that protect your ankle and knees from injuries by providing better comfort and cushion to absorb the shock produced by hard movement
  • Their perfectly designed shoes provide you with perfect and better comfort when you run or jump during the game
  • They are lightweight so your feet do not get tired quickly and you can play the game for longer
  • Their shoes sole are antiskid
  • It provides you with better support and stability

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