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Buy squash racket from top rating brand in Pakistan – ProKennex

At Sports Den, you can buy squash rackets from Pakistan’s top-rating brand – Prokennex – it is a pretty favorite brand in the US and in many international markets. A racket is the most important squash equipment that can affect your game greatly. If you buy squash rackets that will not suit your playing style or low-quality rackets, you will probably find it hard to control your game.

However, the importance of buying the right racket makes it essential to choose it from a trusted and good brand, and if you live in Pakistan, you cannot find any other good brand to buy squash rackets than ProKennex. Their squash rackets offer an enjoyable as well as comfortable playing experience. They have designed their squash rackets to suit well for beginner to intermediate-level recreational and professional players.

How to choose the right squash racket?

If you are a new squat player, it is very usual to be confused at the time to buy squash rackets as you will find a variety of squash rackets with different weights, sizes, and balances. So it may not be easy to know which one is suitable for you. Well, before looking at our squat rackets collection, take a glance at some important things that you should know about before buying the right racket for yourself.

What should be the weight of the squat racket?

On average, squat rackets’ weight ranges between 120gm and 145gm (unstrung). At sports Den, you will find a fine collection of squat rackets, including light-weight to heavy-weight.

  • Light-weight squat rackets: 

Light-weight squat rackets can be 130gm or less and are more suitable for professional and advanced players. These rackets are very easy to manage and offer a powerful swing.

  • Medium-weight rackets: 

Medium-weight rackets are usually between 130gm and 150gm; they are good for those who want to improve their game skills. Most squash players prefer medium-weight rackets.

  • Heavier weight rackets:

Heavier weight rackets are mostly more than 150 grams, and they are suitable for beginners and money-conscious players. However, the heavier-weight rackets provide extra power, but they are not easy to control.

What should be the balance and head size of the squat racket?

Different rackets have different balance points, and they can affect the performance of your game. In general, the racket’s balance is a measure of its weight distribution, which may be shifted either towards the head or the grip or evenly distributed on each side.

Well, you can determine it by where the center of balance lies in the racquets, starting from the base of the handle.

  • Head-light rackets: If the balance point of the racket is shifted towards the grip, it is head-light. These rackets offer a greater motion for quick volleys, drops, and lobs, as well as for flick shots. They are generally more preferred by touch players who play a slower game centered around short play.
  • Head-heavy rackets: If the balance point of a racket is closer to the head, then this racket is considered head heavy. These rackets are easier to generate power, and this quality makes them more favorable for hard hitters.
  • Evenly balance rackets: If the weight is not shifted on either side but is centered around the throat of the racket, then this racket is an evenly balanced racket. These rackets offer something between the power of a head-heavy racket and the touch of a head-light racket but at neither extreme.

What should be the shape and size of the squash racket?

You will also find Prokennex’s squash rackets in different shapes and sizes, and each of them works differently.

  • Larger head rackets: 

Larger head rackets, usually 500 sq cm, offer you more power. These types of rackets generally have teardrop-shaped heads with long main strings, which are a bigger sweet spot, so it’s easier to hit the ball with them.

  • Smaller head rackets: 

Rackets with classical and closed shapes offer more control but a kind of “higher quality” sweet spot which is why they are better suited for advanced players.

What should be the string pattern? 

Strings are another important aspect to consider while buying squat rackets, as they directly affect the quality of your shots. You will find Prokennex strings in three different categories; choose the one that suits your playing style.

  • Natural gut:

Natural gut strings offer a wonderful feel and great playing experience; that’s why they are suitable for professional players. Because of their high quality, expect to spend a lot of money.

  • Multifilament:

Synthetic gut or multifilament strings are trendy choices that give you a good playing experience. They are also durable and will last longer.

  • Monofilament:

Monofilament strings are very hard and tough, which is why they are suitable for those who break their strings more easily. However, these types of strings are not very comfortable as other strings.

Material of squash rackets:

Commonly squash rackets are made with two materials;

  • Aluminum:

Squash rackets made with aluminum material are generally very heavy (usually around 200 grams) and difficult to manage. However, they are very durable and available at the cheapest rates. Well, the biggest disadvantage of using aluminum-made squash rackets is that; when you hit them with the ball, they start vibrating.

  • Graphite composites:

You will find a majority of squash rackets made from or contain graphite. Graphite-containing rackets provide more control and more absorption of vibration than aluminum rackets while still retaining some of the durability.

  • Titanium and/or carbon with graphite

Rackets with carbon and titanium content are becoming increasingly popular. However, rackets with such composites are slightly more expensive than others, but they are great for providing more power at a lighter weight due to the increased stiffness in the frame.

What do we offer?

Now you have gone through all the things that you should be aware of at the time to buy squash rackets, but choosing the right brand to buy squash rackets is still on the top. On Sports Den, we have a wide variety of squash rackets from top-rating brands in Pakistan, ProKennex. This brand has built its trust in past years by providing valuable sports products; plus, it is also in high demand in Pakistan.

ProKennex has designed all its sports products to withstand advanced competition; its high-quality squash rackets are ideal for hitting the game-winner past your opponent as a professional player.

ProKennex – a top-rating brand in Pakistan to buy Squash rackets:

ProKennex is a top-rated brand in Pakistan that is also in high demand in the US and many other international markets. You can buy a wide range of squash rackets in a very affordable range. Their rackets are durable and are made of outstanding quality. Plus, the longevity of their rackets makes them even more demanding.

The ProKennex has designed its squash rackets to provide the player with excellent power, more stiffness, and strength. Read the quality reviews left by our customers to make an informed decision.

Please browse our website to find a good item of squash rackets!

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