Kumpoo Hexagon 2300 Daren Badminton Racket – Unstrung

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  • Material: High Modulus Carbon Graphite + Nano
  • Weight: 82+-2g
  • Tension: 28-35lbs
  • Supported Tension: 40+lbs
  • Balance: 390+-3mm
  • Length: 675mm
  • Level: Professional

Kumpoo Hexagon 2300 Daren is a premium badminton racket model that has been designed to meet the high standards and demands of professional players. Malaysian Athlete Liew Daren has endorsed this racket model, which is a testament to its quality and performance.


This racket is made of High Modulus Carbon Graphite + Nano Technology, a cutting-edge material with exceptional strength, durability, and maneuverability. The Hexagon shape at both ends of the shaft creates an extra stiff shaft that offers both high control and power, allowing players to execute precise and powerful shots with ease.


One of the most notable features of this racket is its neutral balance, which makes it suitable for a wide range of techniques in the game. It successfully blends defense with offense, allowing players to dominate the game with a combination of strategies. The stiff shaft enhances accuracy, resulting in improved shot quality and simplifying the use of deceptive strategies.


HEXAGON SHAFT: The manufacturer has incorporated several advanced technologies into this racket to enhance its performance. The Hexagon Shaft technology changes the round shape of the shaft to a hexagonal shape, which takes the racket’s performance to a new level while minimizing uncontrolled rotation.


NARROW SQUARE: The Narrow Square rim is made in a special, elongated shape that increases the playing spot and gives the racket characteristics of the greatest versatility.


TAPER: The Tapered stubble from handle to rim promotes stability during fast-paced play, which significantly improves accuracy.


NARROW STRING CANNELURE: The Narrow String Cannelure reduces the amplitude of movement of the strings, increasing the playing spot’s area and the permissible level of string tension without the risk of rim deformation.


CARBON NANO: The Carbon Nanotechnology used in this racket makes it possible to combine carbon particles with polymer fibers, filling the cavities between the molecules. This makes the material 10% lighter and denser, which improves its strength and elasticity, creating incredibly maneuverable rackets for playing at high speeds.


SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURE: The Super Light Weight Structure of the racket rim, thanks to nanotechnology, allows for an increase in maneuverability, taking power to a new level.


In summary, the Kumpoo Hexagon 2300 Daren is an exceptional badminton racket model that offers professional players the highest quality and performance. Its advanced technologies, high-quality materials, and innovative design make it a top choice for serious players who demand the best from their equipment.




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Kumpoo Hexagon 2300 Daren Badminton Racket - Unstrung

 63,916 67,916 (-6%)

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